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Top Five Sources For Free Soccer Betting Tips

Here are a few good and free soccer betting sites

Sports betting is a huge market, and this has led to the birth of hundreds of soccer betting tips websites. Some of them provide their tips for free, while some of them even charge fees for the tips. However, all of these websites/people claim to have quite an impressive success rate. But, hardly anyone tells a real story.

For this reason, we have put together a list of websites which provides decent and free soccer betting tips on a regular basis.

Betfame Marketplace

BetFame marketplace has a very self-explanatory layout and you won’t face any difficulties in navigating through the website. This website provides extensive coverage of almost all major leagues in soccer. At this website, you can find tips under various categories, including free tips.

The most attractive feature of this website is that it allows tipsters to create accounts on the website and place their predictions on games. This way, you can check out various tipsters on a leader board and follow their predictions according to their respective success rates. Tipsters are also categorized under various categories such as junior, senior, premium etc.

Sports Prediction Asia

Sports Prediction Asia follows the same model as BetFame. Here you can follow multiple tipsters and follow their tips. You can see the yield rate of every tipster next to his profile photo, and that tells you his success rate.

SportsTrade Betting Tips Marketplace is a leading soccer betting tips marketplace for punters. They have a team of experienced tipsters who offer the best soccer betting tips. This portal provides the best tipsters services to help punters offer tips that are accurate with better chances of winning. Sportstrade help you achieve success at betting by putting in all the hard work for you.

The Sun and other major newspapers

The famous UK tabloid the Sun runs a betting section where it offers free soccer tips on almost all major football games in Europe. The same is true for other major UK publications such as Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and the Telegraph.

Twitter accounts

A lot of tipsters prefer to give away their tips through Twitter accounts. A little bit of research on the social media platform would tell you that there are a lot of tipsters claiming to be profitable on Twitter. However, like always, you can’t trust every tipster, and you need to follow their tips for some days. After some analysis, you will be able to figure which tipster has a high success rate.

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