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Why No Government Should Have the Right to Tell Us Whether We Should Gamble Online?

Online gambling is gaining popularity amongst peoples from all over the globe. Gamblers are now doubting whether they can gamble online due to laws about online gambling that are cropping up as the phenomenon spreads. Should everyone have the right to gamble online regardless of our country’s laws towards physical gambling? This question is posed to players because there are different laws for different countries. There are laws in place that protect players from cheating and money laundering. These laws, however, are broad based and allow for people to still gamble online. They just require news transactions to be reported. What is worrying about online gaming is that the mechanics of these websites seem to be easily broken. This revelation happened when a casino revealed that they were able to tweak the code to enable them to program a player’s computer to win at their site.

Should online gambling be pushed underground as illegal due to these laws? This question is not posed lightly because there are countless supporters of online gambling who feel strongly that online gambling – real and virtual – brings intellectual stimulation, communal chatting, and a sense of community. Yet, there are also those who fear the effects of online gambling on society and on those who develop problems with gambling.

In the United States, there are ample casinos featuring video slot machines. The availability of these online slot games is likely to cause the death of an industry, so far, because real casinos remain popular. According to surveys, casinos are spots where gamblers are able to socialize. When playing slots, we are choosing from a variety of slot machines which may have different payouts. If playing online, one is able to choose from a variety of online casino games. These games also differ from casino to casino. This just means players won’t be stuck in a machine that doesn’t pay out. Players also have the option whether they would like to play at a full-fledged casino or choose from online casinos. In addition, online casinos offer bonuses to their players. Bonuses may offer players a certain percentage of money in exchange for a certain number of spins.

However, when we talk about the actual well-being of our fellow citizens, there are those who find online gambling very addictive. Gambling is a drug that is perfectly legal, and helps many individuals fulfill their dreams of becoming a millionaire. Unfortunately, some get over their fear of gambling and become addicted. In the U.S., for example, casino gambling is the 1st crime that is unambiguously connected with crime.

According to the National Gambling Impact Study, released in December 2003, the presence of a casino in a given community has a significant effect on the local economy. Gambling-related expenditures by residents amount to an estimated $23.7 billion each year. Of this, $15.4 billion is recouped by gamblers, while $16.7 billion is spent by businesses in the surrounding area. crime and the statistics related to gambling are on the rise. According to this study, released in December 2003, the prevalence of illegal gambling and problem gambling has increased by 17 percent from 1999 to 1999. The report also indicates that 43 percent of the population is at risk of becoming a problem gambler.

Such statistics alone are enough to scare the public, but when coupled with the facts that online gambling is rapidly becoming a popular form of entertainment, and is a form of entertainment that protectively protects us from the crime of gambling, we can but assured of its popularity.

In some countries, online gambling is legally acknowledged and even regulated. For example, Patagonia Casino, a gaming spot in Atlantean, is a perfect example of this. In addition, web-based gambling is newly popular after its introduction in the early 90s. Recently, web-based gambling is newly popular amongst the online community itself. Various reasons can be associated with this like the anonymity it can offer or the ease with which it can be played, but the bottom line is that people just love online gambling.

According to a survey by New Zealand’s resolving Trust think it could be good for individuals and the community as well. Of the 1,000 adults surveyed by the study, 86 percent of adults said that online gambling is a better option than land-based gambling. Of the adults that did not gamble, only 4 percent stated that they mainly gamble online.

Not surprisingly, the study also revealed that young people gamble less than the older ones. Of the 1,000 kids surveyed, only 24 percent played online games. Of the youngsters that did play games, only 7 percent gambled online.

Given that 71 percent of the New Zealand school kids Between the ages of eight and seventeen gamble, it’s no wonder that Winnipeakers, who are in charge of the education system in New Zealand, are very concerned about the popularity of online gambling in schools.

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