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The soccer betting tipsters you should already be following

The soccer betting tipsters you should already following

Soccer betting tipsters seem to be everywhere nowadays, flooding your social media timelines with too-good-to-be-true offers and ‘proof’ of their enormous winnings. It is important not to get tempted by these tipsters, but to place your trust in tipsters that operate on a reliable tipster platform to success in sports betting.

So when we recommend soccer betting tipsters you should be following, they should all be registered and verified with websites like BetFame, SportsPrediction Asia, SportsTrade, SoccerTipsters, and BigTipster.

With that in mind, here are three soccer betting tipsters that have produced impressive results over a long period of time and have therefore established themselves as experts in their field.

Lee Cheng

Ranked the number one tipster on Sports Prediction Asia, Lee Cheng has enjoyed remarkably consistent success. Art the time of writing, this tipster has staked more than $20,000 with average odds of 2.50, had more than 1700 wins and just over 250 fails for a total profit of +19286.00. Based on this, Lee Cheng’s ROI is 93.44% and has a Hits Rate of 87.22%

Lee Cheng focuses his tips on three markets: Asian Handicap Full Time, Fixed Odds Full Time, and Total Goals Full Time. The tips are spread quite evenly over all three markets. 

To gain access to Lee Cheng’s tips, they are available to buy in wither a 7-credit package or a 30-credit package, so you can decide which option best suits you. 

Armando Cocci

One of the top Junior Tipsters on both SportsTrade and BetFame, Armando Cocci focuses much of his attention and strategies on Italian soccer, but also provides tips from other major European and South American soccer leagues.

On BetFame, Armando Cocci has, at the time of writing, a Total Profit of +140.50 from 770 Total Tips and Average Odds of 1.84. His Hit Rate is 59.48%. The vast majority of Armando Cocci’s tips are focused on the Asian Handicap Full-Time market, with nearly 89% of all tips. 

As a Junior Tipster, you can follow Armando Cocci without having to pay for his services – all you need is to register and sign in to wither SportsTrade or BetFame. 

Matthias Koch

One of the leading Premium Tipsters on Big Tipster, Matthias Koch has – as of June 24, 2019 – provided 2540 tips and made a total profit of $20,473.75 with a success rate of 92.50% from average odds of 2.09.

Of the 2540 tips, Matthias Koch has successfully won a remarkable 2332 and lost just 165. He focuses all of his tips on two markets: Asian Handicap – which has made up 50.20% – and Total Goals – which covers the other 49.80%.

Matthias Koch has been providing tips on BigTipster since December 2015, so he has the long-term proof of his success. 

As one of the leading soccer bet tipsters, Matthias Koch understandably charges you for his services, so refer to his profile to see how much it will cost. 

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